As a young girl, I always loved putting together pieces and turning my home into works of art, as I like to say. I grew up living in small apartments, but my mother always taught me to treat my spaces with love and respect. This is where my love for interior design commenced. 

When I purchased my home, I quickly found my love for transitional home design. But I also realized how costly it can be. So I made it my mission to find key pieces that were not only beautiful but could be used in multiple ways. 

For many years, I wished to create a space where I can share my passion. Liiraven Home is that space and I’m beyond thrilled to share it with you all. Liiraven Home Decor adds beautiful, transitional pieces, giving your living space its own distinct character to turn your home into a haven. I hope to add an essential elegance with the finest interior designs. 



Lissette Nereidia Pedreiras