Due to the high demand and shipping delays in furniture, many of us had to get creative with flipping pieces. Whether it’s searching on Facebook marketplace, flea markets or even recycling things in our home. 


As tough as it may be, that doesn’t stop us from refreshing our spaces. My advice is to play with colors and stains while updating furniture. If this is the route you’d like to go in, I have no doubt your space can be updated with pieces of furniture with a specific identity and persona. 



Out are the days of the all-white rooms- yes… you heard right. I love spaces that have hints of colors and textures, so I’m all for this trend. By doing so it offers a neutral palette and clean lines that are softened with the detailing of natural elements such as stone, wood, wool, and marble. Think stone vases, wood coffee tables , textured chairs, linens and more. If you look for simplicity in your home this trend is for you. Don’t be afraid to play with texture to achieve a room full of character.




While shiplap is a trend that many still love for their walls, lime-wash is an updated, more unique way to design a statement wall.  In my opinion, lime-wash is the most sustainable and environmentally-friendly treatment you can apply to your walls.  

The best part about it, is it pairs well with many interior designs such as farmhouse, boho and minimalist styles. The colors are also endless and just gives a room a natural vibe that is able to flow throughout your home. This trend is here to stay for a while and I’m all for it.



You’ll see lots of curved chairs, sofas with sloping arms, and round poufs this season. Along with this different style of furniture, you’ll also notice the many interesting fabrics, textures, colors and patterns.  I do see it on curved furniture making it still appealing. Natural wood tones and curved everything will be big in 2022. Think cool curved benches, curved vases, trays, lamps and more. These will be pieces in your home that will give guests something to talk about.


This Spring think of these cool, modern trends while sprucing up your home. Subtle changes can make such a huge difference. This is exactly why I always circle back to transitional pieces because when it all comes together, new or old- transitional decor is here to stay in your home for the long run. Making sure when choosing and updating pieces for your interior styling, it serves a purpose for your everyday lifestyle.