Lissette is a self-proclaimed lover of all trays. In her eyes it’s the one decorative piece that serves as a multi-functional item to have in your home. Today's post will teach how to use a tray in many spaces and allow you to get the most of this transitional item.


The most common use of a tray is usually for when you are entertaining guests. Depending on the occasion, picking a tray for this purpose can be a bit challenging. If you are serving a charcuterie board, think of a big round or big rectangular shape. Serving tea or coffee with snacks choose a long rectangular shape. Decorate the space by adding mugs, vases, cookbooks, or servingware. 

A coffee table is also a common setting for a tray. Think of adding items such as books, candles, candle holders, and coasters to a tray. There is really no rule to styling a tray, you can go big or small on a coffee table which is great for elevating your sitting area. To create a lovely and balanced setup add three to five items on the tray. 


For a clean and decluttered vanity add a tray in your bathroom. A tray in this space is perfect to add soap dispensers, candles, clear glass jars for cotton swabs, and q-tips. It also serves as a cohesive and functional setting for your family and guests to enjoy. 


One of Lissette's favorite spaces to add a tray is not so common but makes a difference. Placing a tray on a freshly made bed can elevate your room. Style it with magazines, favorite books, cute faux plants, and remotes to add comfort to your little oasis. You can also have one in the guest bedroom with a Wifi sign and guestbook. 


Whether you are styling a coffee table, nightstand, a tray is a must-have in your space. As Lissette always says, styling your home should be fun, there is never one way to style a space. It should always function with your lifestyle.


Happy styling!