Transitional style is often described as a mastered blend of conventional and contemporary decor. You may be wondering what that means… 

It's true combination of timeless pieces both new and old, that combine masculine with feminine living in a refreshing way  - and that my friends, is why I love it so much! 

Marrying contemporary finishes, materials and fabrics along with transitional style adds a classic and timeless look. It also turns out to be the most cost effective for anyone styling their home. There are many interpretations of this style - I personally like when I can use a piece in another space to give it a refresh or a new vibe. 


The key to mastering transitional decorating style is to find a way to make everything flow while representing you and your overall lifestyle. It inspired me to create Liiraven Home and be able to share my love for home decor. Especially with those who aren’t interested in locking the aesthetics of their home into one specific interior design. You can have more flexibility with this type of home decor as you can experiment until the mix feels right to you.

In my opinion, transitional style is an easier form of expression when creating a home that represents my specific look and unique vibe for my home. When done well, you’ll find that as guests come into your space these specifically chosen pieces will be conversation starters and leave long lasting impressions. Overall, there is no right or wrong when it comes to one's individual style.


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